Rubik's Cube Progress

Well, I've spent probably three hours in total in my attempt to solve Rubik's Cube. I'm making progress and I'm confident that I'll solve it within 7-10 days. What I've done up to this point is to think about how each move affects every square on the cube. I realized that it comes down to finding a pattern from a chunk of data. Since I'm a programmer at heart, I wrote a computer program to simulate each move. That way, I can execute several combinations of moves and see the impact on the cube from its initial state to the end state (without tiring my fingers). The program is finished, so now I'll just need to experiment and find the patterns to develop an algorithm.

Like I said previously, the first solution won't be optimal. I've made some simplifications like not worrying about counter-clockwise moves since it can be accomplished with 3 clockwise moves - this will be a very easy optimization at the end.
Submitted  4/1/2010 1:27:46 PM
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