Answer for - See how smart you are

1)seven seas
2)split level
3)forgive and forget
4)missing you
6)lucky break
7)he´s by himself
8)see through blouse
9)first aid
10)west indies
11)six feet below ground
12)backward glance
14)reading between the lines
16)3 degrees below 0
17)neon lights
18)just between you and me
19)one in a million
20)broken promise
21)you are out of touch
22)life begins at 40
23)jack in a box
24)growing economy
25)up before 8
26)just around the corner
27)apple pie
28)making up for lost time
29)standing ovation
30)I understand you undertake to undermine my undertaking

Submitted  9/21/2005 3:48:56 PM