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I'll just add:
obviously, when I was a 12-year old, I didn't have the ability to write a computer program to help me analyze the results of specific moves. The program, though is simply a time-saver. It does things that could be done with a pen and piece of paper, but it would obviously take a lot longer.

Here is a sample of a segment of its output:
0, 0 -> - ('left', 0, 0)
0, 1 -> - Unchanged
0, 2 -> - Unchanged
1, 0 -> - ('left', 1, 0)
1, 1 -> - Unchanged
1, 2 -> - Unchanged
2, 0 -> - ('front', 0, 2)
2, 1 -> - Unchanged
2, 2 -> - Unchanged
0, 0 -> - ('front', 2, 2)

Mike  Martonfi mikemartonfi.com   adm@mikemartonfi.com   Saturday, April 3, 2010 11:25 AM

Right now I'm just pattern searching - executing series of moves to see how each square is affected. So, I guess it's an exhaustive search, although the patterns are beginning to become obvious. I'm not using Simulated Annealing since that can be used as an optimization at the end. Right now, I'm just doing this in a non-mathematical way to tackle this in a way that I should have as a 12-year old - without any advanced mathematical knowledge. The " - distance-from-goal" - will (my guess right now) become obvious when I know the patterns and can determine how to get each square to its destination while combining that with:
a) not disturbing adjacent/opposing squares
b) disturbing the adjacent/opposing squares in a beneficial way

So, like I said, this won't be the best algorithm ever devised to solve Rubik's cube but it will be consistent and complete. The main goal is to test my problem solving skills.

Mike  Martonfi mikemartonfi.com   adm@mikemartonfi.com   Saturday, April 3, 2010 11:10 AM

Are you using Simulated Annealing or some heuristic (how do you compute distance-from-goal?) or are you going for an exhaustive search?

Sandy   sandywalsh.com   sandy@sandywalsh.com   Friday, April 2, 2010 9:51 PM

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