My Video Clips

  These are my personal video clips that I have shared for you to see.

  When you click on a link, it will take you to my YouTube video clip.
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Collapse Video ClipsVideo Clips
Collapse EventsEvents
Collapse Andrea WeddingAndrea Wedding
Andrea Walk Down The Aisle
Andreas First Dance With Her Dad
Processional 1
Processional 10
Processional 2
Processional 3
Processional 4
Processional 5
Processional 6
Processional 7
Processional 8
Processional 9
Collapse Jann Arden 2017Jann Arden 2017
Could I Be Your Girl
Good Mother
I Would Die For You
Collapse MeMe
Skydiving 1994
Collapse My 38th BirthdayMy 38th Birthday
Caleb Playing The Guitar 2
Caleb Plays the Guitar
Caleb Talks About Our Birthday
Calebs Thoughts on George Bush
Can We Have Cookies
Nicky Has A Toy
Nicky Vacuums Some More
Nicky Vacuums
Nicky Wants To Take a Video
Steve and Zoe
Zoe and Steve Wrestling
Zoe Walking
Collapse My WeddingMy Wedding
Exchanging of the Rings
Collapse Steves Family Visits 2014Steves Family Visits 2014
Brix Getting Dry
Kids Swimming
Zoe and Nicky Dancing
Zoe Swimming
Collapse Wedding of Maria and SimonWedding of Maria and Simon
Processional 1
Processional 2
Processional 3
Processional 4
Processional 5
Collapse FriendsFriends
Collapse BrentBrent
Brents Daughter Exercising
Brents Daughter Riding Her Dog
Collapse My French StoriesMy French Stories
French Story 1 - Going to my Grandparents
French Story 10 - French R
French Story 11 - Toxic Relationships in TV Shows
French Story 12 - Annoying Technology
French Story 2 - The Worst Day of My Life
French Story 3 - Growing up as a Twin
French Story 4 - My Mother
French Story 5 - Standup Comedy
French Story 6 - Standup Comedy 2
French Story 7 - Comedy about the French language
French Story 8 - Psychology
French Story 9 - French Joke
Collapse TripsTrips
Collapse Nova Scotia - August 2006Nova Scotia - August 2006
Tic and Tac - Dancing Around
Tic and Tac - Grand Finale 1
Tic and Tac - Grand Finale 2
Tic and Tac - Grand Finale 3
Tic and Tac - Human Helicopter
Tic and Tac - Midget Dancing
Tic and Tac - Spider Push-ups
Collapse Nova Scotia - August 2007Nova Scotia - August 2007
Erica Rock Climbing 2
Erica Rock Climbing
Collapse Ohio - October 2006Ohio - October 2006
Birthday Hats
Caleb and Nicky Exercising on the Treadmill
Caleb Dancing
Caleb Getting into the Pool
Caleb Likes His Sandwich
Caleb Steve And Nicky Swimming
Caleb Wants a Ride
Eating Chocolate
Even More Swimming
Happy Birthday To You
More Swimming
Nicky and Caleb Sitting in the Pool
Nicky Dancing
Nicky Eating Chocolate
Nicky Finds A Quarter
Nicky Getting into the Pool
Nicky Jumping on the Bed
Nicky Putting on his Life Vest
Nickys Birthday
Opening Gifts
Remind him About P-O-T-T-Y
Steve and Nicky Swimming
Water Train
Zoe at 3 Months