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Skinny Dipping in an Old Man's Pond5NudesNov-10-2015
Square Testicles4Adult JokesMar-04-2015
Purine Diet4Funny StoriesNov-06-2014
Software Engineer Gets Eggs4ComputersSep-04-2014
The Eve of Creation4ReligionAug-20-2014
10 Tips4ListsJul-26-2014
Stupid Students3EducationJul-18-2014
50 Funnies4ListsJul-11-2014
Blonde in an Electronics Store4Blonde JokesJul-08-2014
Gun Control4GunsJul-02-2014
Sick Hick3RednecksJun-27-2014
Agnostic, Dyslexic, Insomniac 4One-linersJun-25-2014
Lie Detector Robot3MiscJun-23-2014
Blind, Blonde and Brave3Blonde JokesJun-20-2014
An Atheist and a Bear4ReligionJun-18-2014
Elephant Tells Your Age2NewfiesJun-12-2014
Napolean's Armies1GroanersJun-11-2014
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