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My Mom Has DiedI pay tribute to my momMy LifeApr-02-20220
Amazon PhotosMoved my photos from FlickR to Amazon Photos.TechnologyApr-26-20210
Go DaddyNew web host and updatesMy LifeApr-07-20210
Chess is a Brutal GameMy thoughts on chessMy ThoughtsJul-11-20130
Businesses don't want my money!I describe my difficulties in purchasing a scannerMy ThoughtsApr-28-20120
Celebrity Apprentice Firing is FlawedI talk about "The Celebrity Apprentice" and why I dislike the way that people are firedEntertainmentApr-02-20120
Star WarsMy thoughts on the Star Wars saga.My ThoughtsMar-14-20110
"I try, and I made it" - The Boy Who Harnessed The Windi discuss the book " The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind"My ThoughtsDec-22-20100
The End of SatireToday, you can't tell the differnce between a parody/satire and real lifeMy ThoughtsOct-18-20100
Rubik's Cube - Very CloseI'm continuing to progress on my quest to solve Rubik's cubeMy ThoughtsApr-18-20100
Rubik's Cube Progress 2My progress on the Rubik's CubeMy ThoughtsApr-12-20104
Rubik's Cube ProgressI described how I'm tackling the problem of solving Rubik's CubeMy ThoughtsApr-01-20103
Rubik's CubeMy Challenge to myselfMy ThoughtsMar-28-20103
My BlogA discussion of why I haven't blogged as muchMy ThoughtsMar-07-20100
Christmas 2008 PhotosPhotos of Christmas in Newfoundland are postedMy LifeJan-08-20092
The Results of My Online PollA quick, simple list of the results of two questions I posted on my website.My ThoughtsOct-17-20087
The End of an ERaMy thoughts on the show "ER"My ThoughtsOct-17-20080
Hacked!My website was hacked!My WebsiteJul-09-20080
Gluttony - My Favourite SinI talk about our favourite restaurantMy ThoughtsApr-08-20080
Scrabble TechniquesTechniques to use while playing ScrabbleMy ThoughtsFeb-20-20080
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