Scrabble Techniques

I've always liked Scrabble and I consider myself to be a very competitive player. I've been playing Scrabulous (the same as Scrabble) on Facebook. I read a short article in Wired magazine about an online Scrabble word finder that has had a dramatic increase in traffic since the addition of Scrabulous to Facebook. The point of the article (and I agree) is 'what is the point of playing if you are going to cheat?'

When I play, I sometimes (if it is mutually agreed-upon) use a dictionary. Playing this way is fun because you can be creative and discover new words. It still requires you to place the words in the most beneficial spot on the board and to play defensively. It's not cheating because both players have the same advantage. What I have decided, though, is that I am not going to play this way anymore. I've discovered enough extremely useful words to pull out some high valued words (EX, QAT, QAID, QADI, OO, QI, etc.) and it's time to exercise my memory.

My new way of playing is to keep a text document open while I play. This document is not to refer to during play, but to add any 'potential' words that I think of. I will then look up the word after the game and find out whether or not the word could've been played and mark it in the document. The list will grow and I will look through the list as it does. I will try to remember the real words to add to my arsenal.

So, bring it on! I'm ready to play but no cheaters allowed!

Submitted  2/20/2008 10:34:03 PM
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