Rubik's Cube

Okay, I'm laying down the gauntlet (for myself). I've decided I'm going to solve Rubik's Cube. Before you ask, "Why are you telling me this?", I'll tell you. I want to announce it semi-publicly so that it gives me motivation to finish it. If I have to announce in a couple of weeks that I couldn't do it, it will be very embarassing and I'll be castigated and ridiculed by my peers.

First, I'll give you some background. When I was twelve years old, I could solve it, but I did it by memorizing patterns and moves from a book. I think my best time was 40 seconds. Anyway, doing Rubik's cube with someone else's solution is like being a programmer that doesn't design his/her own code. It doesn't prove anything, except that you can follow a recipe. One of my strengths during my career was my problem solving ability. Although my skills are not quite what they were, I'm sure I can develop my own algorithm.

These are my constraints:

  • I am not looking at other solutions/algorithms first. I don't want to be influenced by other people's solutions.

  • I am not using other people's notations. In my opinion, the notation is part of the solution and I'd like to develop it myself.

  • Since my hands get tired quickly, most of my practice will be executing moves in my head or written notes on my computer.

  • Since I can't concentrate deeply for long periods of time, I will probably do it for half an hour a day.

My basic approach is to treat it as if an alien dropped it off on my doorstep and the future of our civilization depends on solving it. Wish me luck. I hope that I won't have to announce in a couple of weeks that I couldn't do it.

Submitted  3/28/2010 10:46:28 AM
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