The End of Satire

There is no need for parodies anymore. Nowadays, satire writes itself. When Sarah Palin was interviewed by Katy Couric, Saturday Night Live did a spoof of it which, they freely admit, required no writing. The skit was almost exactly the same as the real interview.

I just saw a Levi Johnston interview where he announced he's running for mayor. Q: "What is your platform?". A:"I have none" Q: "What are your qualifications?" A: "I don't really have any, I will just talk to the people." You can't write this stuff!

Christine O'Donnell's quotes can be strung together, unedited, to make a hilarious comedy show. She asks if Evolution is true, why aren't monkeys turning into humans right now? If this was someone in grade eight asking their teacher an honest question, it would be understandable but this is a person running for a Senate seat. She struggles with the easy questions that someone in her situation should be very prepared to answer.

Jon Stewart was named the most trusted newsman of the year! I love his show and think he nails the issues but even he can see the irony of this designation. People can't tell a satirical comedian from the (so-called) honest pundits! If you watched Glenn Beck and then Stephen Colbert, you wouldn't be able to tell which one of them was speaking hyperbolically.

Today's pundits are the ones that talk the loudest - they don't need to make any sense.

Submitted  10/18/2010 12:10:36 PM
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