40 Valuable lessons

1) Relationships don't end, they change.

2) You CAN make a living doing what you love.

3) Never spend all the money you have. Save money and it saves you.

4) In bad times everyone can't help you and in good times everyone isn't as
happy for you. Learn how to discern and develop true friends.

5) Don't make promises to your children you can't keep.

6) God is always listening, be careful with your inner self-talk.

7) People (your friends) and creditors have long memories.

8) The past has passed, let go of the pain, nostalgia, woulda, coulda, they

9) Practice everyday saying and/or doing something that is loving, helpful
& purposeful.

10) Being too dependent on others doesn't allow you to know your own power
to create what you need.

11) I am too blessed to be stressed, don't sweat the small stuff.

12) Most people are not bad or mad, they are just sad and don't know how to
get the love and attention they deserve.

13) Everything you say and think has power to create its likeness.

14) Fear and procrastination are major enemies to success.

15) God loves me.

16) Don't ignore or mistreat people, everyone is important.

17) Don't give up 5 minutes before your miracle.

18) Good health is so valuable, fragile and a blessing. Drink a lot of

19) Don't take everything so serious, have a sense of humor.

20) People like to help or do business with people they already know,
networking is critical. Meet and serve as many people as you can.

21) You didn't die from your mistakes, but you may have to repeat them, if
you didn't learn the lesson.

22) We train other people how to treat us, self-esteem is NOT selfish, it's

23) Stay away from negative, critical, judgmental, gossipy people.

24) Spend as much time as possible around nature and beautiful

25) Sometimes things you can't learn in a book or from a parent, teacher or
pastor, you have to experience for yourself.

26) Acknowledge your shortcomings and work to improve them Acknowledge your
strengths, be humble but don't diminish or deny them.

27) Stay focused to get a job done. Either do it, delegate it or dump it.

28) I didn't die from the painful times in my life, they made me stronger.

29) Don't let a fool kiss you. Don't let a kiss fool you. Kisses aren't
promises. (A lot of people should memorize this)

30) Have a life, don't depend on others to make you happy and fulfilled.

31) God is too big to fit into one religion; God is everywhere and in

32) Marriage and parenting are serious commitments, don't be in a hurry.

33) Find ways to show appreciation to those you love and care about, not
just on holidays or birthdays.

34) Pay attention to details and keep good records. (you might get audited

35) Prayer changes things. Trust God's divine plan.

36) If you take it, return it.
If you break it, fix it.
If you know it, live it.
If you want it, ask for it.
If you use it, clean it.
If you wear it, hang it up.
If made a mistake, take responsibility for it.
If you have some, share it.
If you own it, protect it.
If you love someone, show it.
If you believe it, you can achieve it.

37) Time is precious, live everyday to it's fullest, everyday is a special

38) Learn to enjoy your own solitude.

39) People come into your life for a reason or a season. They bring joy
and lessons.

40) Always stay in the light in spite of any bad news or changes.

This positive attitude will help you stay in peace rather than fall to
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