There Is A Way

There is a way

Always keep in mind that there is a way to get where you desire to go. What you can imagine is possible. Otherwise you could not have imagined it. Achievement is not a matter of "if." It is a matter of "why" and "how."

There is most assuredly a way. Your deepest desires are not empty. They are not without meaning. They point the way for your efforts. There is a way out. There is a way through. There is a way leading to whatever you can imagine for yourself.

There is a way to what you desire, because the essence and value of what you desire is largely composed of the path you follow to achieve it. When you have the desire you will, without fail, have the means to fulfill that desire.

Act with assurance, with confidence, with faith. Though the efforts may be difficult and the setbacks many, with each moment the goal is more completely fulfilled.
Submitted  11/9/2000 7:38:05 PM