Interview Question

This was an important question asked during an interview session by a certain company. The management has actually decided to employ the person who answered this question most appropriately. There was of course no right or wrong in the answer to this question but it all depends on how each individual answered it.

Read the question below & think of how you would answer it before you scroll down to see the 'best' answer given by this particular person, who of course got employed.

On a dark & stormy night where rain was pouring heavily, wind was blowing wildly, lightening striking & thunder was sounding loudly..........

It was 2am late in the night. You were driving a 2-seater car by yourself on a very lonely stretch of the countryside with this terrible storm when you came to a sheltered bus stop. There were 3 people in the bus stop......
1 was a doctor who saved your life previously when you had a heart attacked. Another was an extremely sick old man who seemed like on the verge of death while the 3rd is the dream of your life, someone whom you always wanted to get to know for a long time!

The stormy weather was getting worse & the 3 people in the sheltered bus stop were getting wet from the heavy rain. Lightening continued to strike & thunder roared.......

The question is : What would you do in a situation like this? Remember..... you have only a 2-seater car & will not be able to ferry all the 3 people in your car to a more sheltered place. So, what will you do?

These are some standard answers given by some of the interviewees :

a.. "I will drive the sick old man to the nearest hospital since he's dying soon....."
b.. "Since the doctor saved my life before, I'll drive him........."
c.. "Morally, I'll drive the old man since he's on the verge of death or the doctor since he saved my life before. However, for my own welfare & future, I might just drive the dream of my life!"
d.. "It must be fate for me to meet the dream of my life. I'll drive him!"

There are no right or wrong to the above answers, only how the individual perceives the situation. Mostly said they'll drive the old man then followed by the doctor. Several say since the old man's dying & they might not be able to save him by the time he reach the hospital, they might as well drive the dream of their life and secure their future?!!

So, what was the answer that impressed the interviewer so much?
This particular person said "I'll get down my car, pass the car key to the doctor to drive the old man to the hospital so he might be able to save him just like he saved me. Then I'll be able to be with the dream of my life together in the sheltered bus stop."

With this answer, that person got the job immediately. As human beings, we are naturally selfish. From all the other answers given, none of them actually thought of giving up their car....... It is not something wrong but at times, our thoughts are too narrow minded & we think mainly for ourselves.
Submitted  2/28/2001 8:06:13 PM