The Beast Within

By Devera Jobe
What is this thing that lurks inside?
It steals my body and my mind,
It leaves me with a fear so strong
I think and wonder, what is wrong?
I cannot walk the way I should,
I cannot run, I wish I could.
My eyes do not see like before,
I can’t remember anymore.
What else will it steal in the morning light?
I cannot let it, I must fight.
How can I fight what I cannot see
This monstrous thing inside of me?
I must go on living and fighting this beast,
I will never give in, I must not cease.
Till one day I hear the words so clear,
Like an angel whispering in my ear.
Fear not this beast; it will go away.
There will be a cure one special day.
So I fight and I wait and I don’t give in,
I wait patiently for this miracle to begin.
I’ll run to a field spinning round and round,
A field of violets that surround.
I’ll lift myself up and run through the trees,
With a smile on my face, I’m free, I’m free.
Submitted  3/10/2003 1:07:43 PM