A broken man´s plea

This was posted on the "blog" of a 25 year old man that has become a parapelegic. Click here to go to his MSN Space.

Make sure you appreciate your lives. Thank God every day for the blessings he´s given you. Tell friends and family every day exactly what they mean to you. Enjoy the smallest things in life. Give someone a hug. High five somebody. Go to the beach. Walk under the stars. Walk in the rain. Make a snow angel. Play a board game. Make someone a CD. Take a road trip. Go to a ballgame. Have a drink, but don´t waste time being wasted, life is better experienced without an altered state of consciousness. Be a crying shoulder. Play with the little ones in the family. Tell a joke. Give someone a piggy-back ride. Play outside. Be early. Run late. Sleep in. Get dressed up. Take long showers. Watch movies. Go out to dinner. Order out. Watch a sunrise. Marvel at a sunset. Go to the ocean. Learn something new. Spend some money on yourself. Spoil a kid. Make time for you. Go to church. Write down your thoughts. Meet new people. Laugh at yourself. Go camping. Travel the world. Don´t hold grudges. Go bowling. See a show. Feel the grass under your feet. Take a swim. Play on a swing. Never stop learning. Wear pajamas all day. Complement someone. Smile. Say hi to someone you don´t know. Read a book. Go for a drive. Build something. Tell a secret. Spoil dinner. Have a slurpee. Surprise someone. Surprise yourself.

Find " that someone." Find the one person that was meant for you. The person that gets you in every way imaginable. The person that, when you´re with them, the whole world disappears. Be open to finding them in the place you would never expect. Once you find them, give them your heart. Cherish them for who they are, and don´t try to change them. Stay up all night, just talking. Don´t ever fight dirty, it only leaves things to be regretted. Be honest with them always. If they know your deepest, darkest secrets and still love you, that means they are the one. Never go to bed angry. Keep them on the front of your mind, and the tip of your tongue at all times. Talk on the phone for hours, like in junior high. Open up to them. Make love, anytime, anywhere. Make them the most important thing in your life, and they will reciprocate. Always, ALWAYS carry yourself in their absence as you would in their presence. Never give up on them. Stay at their side, through thick and thin. Never be complacent in your relationship. There´s always something new to learn about the person, and a new way to show them you love them.

Guys-find that girl. Find the girl you think is more beautiful on both the outside and inside than anyone on the planet. And tell her you think that of her. Make her feel like the queen of the world. Give her flowers, not on Valentine´s Day, not on her birthday, on some random Thursday when she won´t expect it. Never miss a chance to tell her what she means to you. Pull her close at night. Remember what she wore the night you met. Study her eyes, they could be the softest brown, or the most electric green, but they are unique to her and are beautiful regardless. Tell her that you miss her. Hold her face when you kiss her. Brush her hair. Pick her up and swing her around when she hugs you. Find the most unthinkable way to show her that you love her. Pay attention to everything she says. Cook for her, mac´n´cheese or fillet mignon, she won´t care. Surprise her with something she always wanted but never got. Don´t get jealous. Trust her completely. Always pay. Don´t back down from showing her affection anywhere. Complement her on the way she looks, every single day. Take her dancing. Be her rock. Give her the life she always dreamed of, no matter what the cost. No matter how tough she is, always treat her as the most fragile thing ever. Make it so all girls are jealous of her. Give her space when she needs it. Take note of everything she likes, and dislikes; favorite food, favorite song, favorite place, etc. Bring her breakfast in bed. Plan ahead, the more thought she sees that you put into something, the more she will appreciate it. Go shopping with her, and pretend you like it. Come to terms with the fact that she IS more important than your boys. Think before you speak. Wear out the phrase "I love you" like it is going out of style.

Ladies-find that guy. You have it slightly easier. Let him make you his world. Let him do all of the above. Realize, that to an extent, all guys are the same. We are all dumb, clumsy, insecure, jealous idiots. So don´t settle for just any one of us. But, when you find the right one, he will treat you right. Even though we tend to fumble through our words, try to keep sight of our good intentions. Jealousy and insecurity come quickly and naturally to us, so find ways to make him know that he is your one and only. But understand that our hearts are probably even more fragile than yours are. Call him "your man." We love that. Greet him with a big hug and a kiss every time he walks through the door. Only dance with him, and no one else. Help him shop for clothes, we don´t care how we look, and whatever looks good to you, looks good to us. Make him feel more important than anyone else. Come up behind him and give him a hug. Wake him up with a kiss. Let him do little things for you, like hang a shelf or work on your car, it sounds dorky, but he lives for it. Be patient with him, because he is kinda like a little kid. Laugh at his jokes. Pretend to be interested in his stupid stories. As tough as we are, we really depend on your support. Bury your face in his chest. Tell him what you need, we are terrible at figuring that out. Spend time with him. Tell him you love him EVERY day.

Treasure it all, because tomorrow isn´t guaranteed...

Submitted  8/10/2005 7:50:20 PM