Unusual Paragraph

Only humans can find a solution as to why this paragraph is unusual and
odd. I do not think automatic computation will aid you in solving it. . .
and that's good. . . for automation is all right, but humans can think! So
it is up to you to find a solution as to why it is unusual and odd. Go to
work on it right now. Only by looking and looking can you unlock its final
solution. I admit that its grammatical construction is awkward, but that
is not what you should look for. Only by looking will a solution pop up
for you. I wish I could pass you a solid hint, but I can't, and I'm truly
sorry about that. But don't push your panic button-- it will hit you, if
not today, tomorrow. Do you know by now? No? It's tough, so why not put it
away for now and try it again tomorrow. Good luck to you in finding out
why this paragraph is so unusual.
Submitted  5/24/2000 7:56:50 PM
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